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Not Recycle.

Recycling isn't the best way forward, we need to consider the re-use of items.

That's where ReBox comes into play. Register your details to let us know you're on the same page!

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Reducing Landfill

As we rethink ways to help the environment, reusing products is more effective than recycling.

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Manufacturer to Consumer

We believe all industries and consumers can help. Are you happy to accept a secondhand box instead of brand new?

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Help break the cycle

Return good condition boxes to a collection point and get it back to the supplier to ReBox.

Changing the way we package.

A box is a box. So let's reuse our boxes with ReBox.

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Return to a Collection Point

We are establishing collection points in close proximity to mose Australians.

Expect Secondhand

Secondhand packaging doesn't mean your goods won't be protected.

rebox reuse recycle cardboard boxes
rebox doing great for the earth and community

Building a community

ReBox is focused on helping foster a community. We can help out all Australians by reducing the amount of recycling of cardboard boxes. It takes a community of like minded people to change the majority, lets get in to get this done!

0.0 Mt

Paper and cardboard generated in Australia in 2016-17
(Mt = Million Tons)


Exported paper and cardboard to China in 2016-17


Paper and cardboard sent to landfill in Australia in 2016-17
(60% was recycled)

We are looking for boxes to send back to ReBox suppliers!

Sign up to find out when and where you can start returning your boxes so we can get them back to suppliers so they can start ReBoxing.

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Don't toss your boxes into recycling any more!

We can find a better way to ReUse. Help the environment and send them to ReBox today!

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