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Our focus is always on finding ways to reduce our footprint on the environment. We have only just started to take on the challenge.

Are you willing to join the cardboard box revolution?

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rebox  cardboard reuse
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What is ReBox?

ReBox is here to facilitate a way for businesses to buy back their branded shipping boxes instead of using brand new ones.

We will collect branded (and unbranded) boxes in bulk to reduce the numbers needing to be produced.

Think brands like; Amazon, OfficeWorks, Wineries, Breweries etc

rebox cardboard reuse not recycle

A little about ReBox.

We ordered some new dog food from Budget Pet Supplies and a brand new box arrived. Two months later we did it again and another brand new box.

Next, when we went to an organic market they provided us with a new box that they had received. This was enough!

Now we are going about collecting these branded boxes from manufacturers, wholeaslers and suppliers. The aim is to sell these back to those companies so they don't use brand new ones EVERY time.

This is how we can start to reuse instead of recycle.


No. Of Recycles


Sludge weight


Felled Trees for paper

Our goal is to have a collection and distribution network, Australia wide.

That will allow end users to drop cardboard boxes off locally and for ReBox to deliver them nationally.

Interested in joining our revolution?

We are looking for end users, suppliers and partners.